Deli Bal – MAGIC Honey

Deli Bal has a long history considering its human consumption (Mad Honey, Miel Fou, Crazy Honey, Toxic Honey) as aphrodisiac but also a war weapon: Pliny and Strabo confirmed that locals used Deli Bal against the armies of Xenophon in 401 BCE and against Pompey in 69 BCE. When Pompey the Great attacked troops in Turkey they were poisoned because they did not know the effects of Deli Bal. Roman Soldiers ate too much of it and became disoriented leading their army to a defeat. Historically the diterpene grayanotoxin in the honey is produced when bees pollinate flowers of rhododendron ponticum and rhododendron luteum. In the 18th century Deli Bal was added to alcoholic drinks in Europe to provide a quick “wake me up energizer” with stimulants effects. Deli Bal is still deliberately produced in Turkey and Nepal for its medical properties.

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