What are we hacking?

We’re not hacking anything other than data, information, knowledge. By hacking we mean looking for simpler and faster ways to understand, apply, and gain benefit from the most up to date science we have.

We strive to find some of the most valuable references to help you find your answers to any challenges you may be facing.

As always we strongly recommend you work with a medical professional on anything you put into you body or change significantly. We want to make sure we do this in a pragmatic and safe manner. We are not making any medical claims or giving advice that you should be getting from medical professionals.

What we are aiming to do is make the science and the data more available, and more easily understood.

We do not support anti-vaxxing, old wives’ tales, Facebook fads, or diets. Please note that while we curate interesting publications in our Science section, we do not vet these posts and it is always important to cross-reference and confirm information from reputable sources.

New to all of this and feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry! We’ve created a section on our site called “eli5” (explain it like I’m five) to help you understand the basics of nutrition, DNA, mitochondria, supplements, and more. We also have a Q&A form to help you find specific information.

Whether you’re a seasoned biohacker or just looking for information, we’ve organized our site into sections to help you find what you’re looking for. Explore and learn more today!


Our “Articles” section contains a more subjective analysis of the information available here and elsewhere. We attempt to take information and findings and relay it into more simple English language or point form guides for you to then dig deeper into yourself.

Latest Articles

What is ableism?
So what, exactly, counts as ableism? If you don’t live with a disability yourself, you may not realize the numerous ways society pushes people with disabilities to the fringes. As a start, it might help to unpack what “disability” means. This term might automatically bring to mind people with noticeable physical conditions. For example: A …
Have we made a mistake?
We do not claim by any stretch of the imagination that we can get everything right. If you see something we post or share that you can explain pragmatically, and demonstrate with quality evidence as wrong, or you see a typo or misquote, anything, please leave us note via the comments or contact form. Please …
Self depricating justification of vilification – Opinion
Self deprecating justification of vilification is the excusing of toxic and even abusive behaviour towards people by way of trying to make out the other person has done something so egregious that it deserves being vilified and castrated in public. It seems to stem from tribalism, which makes sense in regards to supporting your tribe, …
Are you ok?
It goes without saying that there's plenty we're all dealing with. It's important to know that your not alone, and you don't have to do it alone. There's no shame in reaching out and letting someone know you need a bit of extra support to get through. We are here. We care, and we are …
We asked AI what if everyone just got along, what could the human race achieve.
These are the four images it gave us. We can't quite put our finger on it, but it seems so eary and seems to be trying to tell us something. What do you think?

The Science

Check out “The Science” section for all the latest publications from medical and scientific journals. We have collated and categorised legitimate scientific studies, reports, and meta-analyses into easy-to-follow subjects to help you find the information you are after quicker.

Latest Posts

Dr. Matthew Hill: How Cannabis Impacts Health & the Potential Risks – Repost from hubermanlab.com
In this episode, my guest is Dr. Matthew Hill, Ph.D., a professor of cell biology and anatomy at the Hotchkiss Brain Institute at the University of Calgary and an expert on the biology of cannabis. We discuss how cannabis affects the brain to produce its psychoactive effects (feeling “high”), including altered time perception, focus, memory, …
Rethinking Punishment: A Call for Empathy in a Desperate World
Introduction In today’s society, it is all too common to write off individuals who commit crimes or behave erratically as inherently bad people deserving of punishment. This perspective, however, often overlooks the complex realities that drive these actions. In many cases, these are individuals struggling with mental health issues or facing desperate circumstances. The Desperation …
Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Autism Spectrum Disorder: A New Therapeutic Target
A recent study has provided direct evidence linking mitochondrial dysfunction in the brain with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and its associated communication deficits. This groundbreaking research could potentially pave the way for novel therapeutic interventions targeting the mitochondrial electron transport chain complex I, a key component of cellular energy production. The study, published in the …
Australian government report into Autism
Government Report Summary: Urgent Action Needed for Autistic Australians Autistic Australians and their families face discrimination and barriers in accessing essential services and support. Maintaining the status quo is not an option. Proposed Solution: A National Autism Strategy with clear goals and measurable progress to improve life outcomes for autistic individuals. Focus Areas: Health, mental …
Determining the magnitude and duration of acute ?9-tetrahydrocannabinol (?9-THC)-induced driving and cognitive impairment: A systematic and meta-analytic review – ScienceDirect
The article titled "Cannabis and Psychomotor Performance: A Rational Review of the Evidence and Implications for Public Policy" discusses the effects of cannabis on psychomotor performance. It suggests that cannabis can impair psychomotor skills for up to 5 hours after consumption. This is important for safety-sensitive activities such as driving or operating machinery. The article …

Supplements and products

If you are looking for supplements check out our Recommended Suppliers and Products page. Here we curate lists of products and supplements that we are aware of being used in the community or by our staff. We cannot guarantee quality or purity but this would be a good place to start finding more reputable products. In the future, we will be getting different products lab-tested to prove purity and identity.

Please note: Information posted here does not constitute medical advice. While all care is taken to verify the authenticity of sources, we can make no guarantees. You should always be critical and do your own research. Ensure that you keep up to date as some results change as new studies come to light.
You should always speak to your healthcare professional about any health or lifestyle changes. Please read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy before signing up or using any information or services on this website

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