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If you’ve found this page then you are interested in hacking your health or the health of someone close to you for optimal health or longevity. First and foremost, welcome and congratulations! You may also be looking for nutrition and supplement advice. Well, you’re in the right place!

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Real evidence based health information!

What we are about:

  • Evidence based approach to health
  • Clinical Studies
  • Scientific Research
  • First hand reports
  • Measurable outcomes

What we don’t support:

  • Anti-vaxxing
  • Old Wives Tales
  • Facebook Fads
  • Diets

Please note that we do not vet posts in The Science section. We simply find and collate interesting publications. Some publications may be debunked, others may not have a full set of requirements to fully establish the facts. You should always cross reference and check that there are any correlating third party publications to confirm. All of these are from reputable sources, but things change over time.

Charles Darwin said that science is provisional, not only will it change, but it should change, as its only the conclusion of the current known facts.

Help, what is this all about? What is biohacking?

New to all of this and are at the “holy crap there’s so much to know” stage? Firstly, as stated in Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe, don’t panic! Also, know that we’ve all been there and you are not alone. Firstly, biohacking is simply the term used to talk about improving health by supporting the human body’s natural systems. The best news is, we’ve created a whole section of our site to help you understand the basics before you dive deeper into our more complex sections. We call this our “eli5 or explain it like I’m five” section and it’s full of articles on the basics of nutrition, DNA, mitochondria, supplements and more. We’ve also got a QandA form for help finding specific information for you.

Ready to jump in head first? Seasoned biohacker ready to take it to the next level?

Just here to find the information? We have broken the site up into sections to help you better find the information you are after.


Our “Articles” section contains more subjective analysis of the information available here and elsewhere. We attempt to take information and findings and relay it into more simple English language or point form guides for you to then dig deeper into yourself.

Latest Articles

Consumer trends during Covid-19

Some interesting and somewhat encouraging news from the Woolworths CEO today via his email updates during Covid-19 show some interesting trends in consumer spending on food and vitamins during this time. To quote from his email: “We are becoming healthier and more adventurous in our cookingWhile the slow cooking movement continues, we’re also becoming increasingly […]

What lifestyle changes will help me live longer and healthier?

We’ve previously spoken about how we might introduce foods and supplements to our diet to improve health span and lifespan. Here we explore activities and other therapies that show potential in living healthier and longer. We also explore things you perhaps should stop doing to improve health and longevity. Mitochondrial support Mitochondria are organelles, basically, […]

The Science

Check out “The Science” section for all the latest publications from medical and scientific journals. We have collated and categorised legitimate scientific studies, reports and meta analyses into easy to follow subjects to help you find the information you are after quicker.

Latest Posts

Supplements and products

If you are looking for supplements check out our Recommended Suppliers and Products page. Here we curate lists of products and supplements that we are aware of being used in the community or by our staff. We cannot guarantee quality or purity but this would be a good place to start to find more reputable products. In the future we will be getting different products lab tested to prove purity and identity.

What does Health Hacker do?

You can also check out Our Services for specific assistance with your own health goals. We can help you find your way to the right information and, a path for you to take to achieve your health goals. We will readily admit when we don’t know but we will help you find an answer and we both learn along the way. First and foremost we facilitate access to information and help disseminate fact from fiction.

Please note: Information posted here does not constitute medical advice. While all care is taken to verify the authenticity of sources, we can make no guarantees. You should always be critical and do your own research. Ensure that you keep up to date as some results change as new studies come to light.
You should always speak to your healthcare professional about any health or lifestyle changes. Please read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy before signing up or using any information or services on this website