DNA Testing

Have you considered getting your DNA sequenced? Wonder what kind of information you could expect out of it?

I recently got my DNA sequenced at Self Decode and the results are in! Let’s take a look at whats in there and how I might be able to use it to improve my health and lifespan.

The introductory report shows me a high level overview of things I may want to dig deeper into.

Now, what does this mean and what can I do about it?

Typical risk of vit. k deficiency so, not much needed to be done here
Mostly typical ability to convert beta-carotene to Vit. A. Nothing to see here.
Seemingly normal ability to process B12. Good news.
I know I have one of two MTFHR gene mutations so no surprises here on Folate. I supplement with MTHF or Methyl-Folate to make up for this.
Now, I don’t drink Coffee, nor do I drink and caffeinated drinks so, nothing to worry about here. Basically I can process caffeine more readily.
Need to keep an eye on food intake. I have recently started intermittent fasting and have reduce my sugar and dairy intake (see our post about miRNA’s in milk expressing mTOR and suppressing AMPK).
Mix results here meaning no real action needed except that I should possibly target power training.
Typical Lipid levels. Not better or worse, just your regular ability to process lipids.
I never considered that DNA may influence something like my levels of empathy. I guess this explains why I’ve started Health Hacker to help people live healthier and longer lives.
Look out Black Friday and Cyber Monday, here comes an impulse shopper!
Anxiety is something I’ve struggled with for most of my life. I employ multiple strategies to help with it including CBD and B3, along with Omega-3.

Along with the report are sources to NIH publications to back the assertions. You also get deeper reports on each of those subject areas including MTFHR, APOE, Mood, Cognitive, Essential Minerals, Vitamins, Sleep, Cardiovascular, Inflammation and Fitness. You also get a personalised blog that shows you articles related to SNPs in your results.

I’m not saying that this is the best DNA service but it’s the one I chose and this is what I got. It seems quite comprehensive and does a good job at explaining what it all means and how I can adjust my diet and lifestyle to account for deficiencies caused by gene mutations. If this is something you are interested in then it might be an option for you.