Modulation of liver glucose output by free or restricted feeding in the adult rat is independent of litter size | SpringerLink

“Caloric restriction was effective in decreasing body and fat weights, total cholesterol and LDL. These effects were totally or partially reversed after 30 days of refeeding (groups GRL). During liver perfusion, the high glucose output of the GRs was further enhanced by adrenaline (1 μM), but not by lactate infusion. In contrast, in groups G6L, G12 L, G6RL and G12RL glycogenolysis (basal and adrenaline-stimulated glucose output) was low and gluconeogenesis from lactate was significant. A twofold increase in liver content of PKA in group G6R suggests that liver sensitivity to glucagon and adrenaline was higher because of caloric restriction, resulting in enhanced glucose output.”